How Climate Affects Outdoor Recreation

Climate change is already having significant consequences for people around the world, including repercussions for the places we play. People who love to get outside bear witness to climate change. It will take many voices to stand up for climate solutions. Here are some of the stories from the outdoor recreation community about how climate change has affected the outdoors. Read more and add your story here.


The future of Skiing

Climate change is having a profound impact on winter recreation, including on ski resorts, backcountry skiing, and other winter access.


Making Mountaineering More Dangerous

The effects of climate change on alpine climbing, including increasing danger of rockfall and avalanche.


Paddling Through Climate Change

How flooding, storms, and unpredictable river flows will change paddling.


What Climate Change Means for Ice Climbing

How a warming climate is eating away at ice climbing terrain and what it means for the future of the sport.


Will california beaches go extinct?

A recent study found that 67 percent of Southern California’s beaches are at risk of disappearing completely by 2100. Nearly three quarters of Southern California’s iconic beaches – important economic drivers, crucial ecological habitat, cherished public recreational resources – may be gone, taking many beloved waves with them. .


Wildfire and its impact on the outdoors

Longer, more intense wildfire seasons have had a significant impact on the outdoors, from air quality to trails and other recreation infrastructure.

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